Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Policy

Our Commitment

We are committed in providing a safe and healthy environment for all ours employees, business associates and visitors at our workplace.


 Our Strategies

§ We shall continuously identify hazards and implement an effective Risk Assessment.

§  We shall comply with the requirements of the Workplace Safety and Health Act. 

    §   We shall communicate our WSH Policy to all parties.

§ We shall provide adequate information, training, and supervision of all employees in workplace safety and health practices.

§ We shall ensure our WSH Policy is reviewed periodically and continual improvement of the WSH performance.


Director Responsibility                                                        

§   Responsible for the setting and reviewing of the Company’s WSH policy.

§ Support the implementation of risk control measures recommended by the RA Teams.

§ Require the RA  to provide regular updates of the RA done and risk control measures implemented to reduce or eliminate identified risks.

§  Ensure that RA records are records are kept for at least three years from the RA approval date.

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