Robot Building

By accurately completing robots that move, the student will learn how to better focus and strengthen their skills of observation. Additionally, they will enhance both their creativity and spatial awareness skills through the process of repeating trial and error to create an original robot. The content of these courses allow the student to learn more deeply and naturally while getting lost in the fun.

Level 1: Primary Course

The text for this course contains real-sized images of robots and parts as necessary so that students can more intuitively create their robots. Their ability to read and count will grow naturally as they memorize the names of parts and count the number of parts and mounting points.

Level 2: Basic Course

Students will accurately create robots full of variety while following text and images, learning how structure and movement works. They will also gain a better understanding by answering multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. Students will create their own unique robots while experiencing both failures and success.

Level 3: Middle Course

Students participating in this course will work to create robots which are more structurally complex and move in even more interesting ways. The amount of images in the text has been reduced, causing both their obervational skills and spatial awareness to improve further. There will be more questionnaires and description-based questions and the students will be expected to explain their own ideas logically. Students will build their robots with a sense of purpose.

Timetable & Fees

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