As Robotics and Coding become more prevalent, so as the need to impart IT education at an early age.


21 – Jan or

15 – Mar or

21 – Mar



10am – 12nn or

1pm – 3pm


Choose ONE date and ONE timeslot.

  • Control the robot’s motors, lights and sounds using a mobile device; complete augmented reality (AR) missions; customize by uploading your face and recording audio phrases; code original, unique action sequences that only your robot can perform!
  • Become immersed in augmented reality (AR) missions to build up your Iron Man MK50 robot’s arsenal of Nanotech weaponry. As you complete different levels, earn new weapons and power up your armor to take on greater threats.
  • Customize the Iron Man MK50 robot by building unique sequences using Block-Based programming for one of a kind hero moves. Use custom blocks to code your own scripted sequences into the Iron Man MK50 robot.
  • In custom protocol mode, use the visual drag-n-drop programming editor to create simple, custom iron Man scripts without requiring any programming knowledge.

Students from 5 to 10 years old

$100 for 2hrs

*Existing student enjoy 50% if he/she brings along 2 new friends

Weekly Program

By accurately completing robots that move, the student will learn how to better focus and strengthen their skills of observation. Additionally, they will enhance both their creativity and spatial awareness skills through the process of repeating trial and error to create an original robot. The content of these courses allow the student to learn more deeply and naturally while getting lost in the fun.

We use programmable building block kit which allows students to easily access the coding world with its APP dynamic instruction and hundreds of parts which can be combined into many different models.

There is no doubt that coding is a deal that no one can ignore. This block-based visual programming language allows students to build solid fundamental programming knowledge before moving to syntax programming.