1. Game and Animation

We use uCode programming software and it supports both software and hardware programming. Users can program by dragging blocks instead of using syntax keyboards. UCode can not only create interesting games and animated works, but also program the hardware products of UBTECH.

Some of the projects programmed by our students:
1. e-Card

2. Flower Blossom

3. Snowing

4. Fireworks

5. Fractal Trees

6. Magic Spot

7. Spinning Spiral

8. Racing Game

9. Fortune Teller

10. Bring Me Home

11. Cleaning Windows

12. Star Walker
and many more.....

2. Mobile App. Development

Thunkable is the platform where anyone can build their own apps on Android and iOS. Use the Thunkable app to accelerate app development with a cool feature called live testing. Live testing is the ability to change and update your app in real-time with the changes you make on the platform.

1. Introduction to Mobile App. Development.
2. Animal Encyclopedia
3. Animal Sound Game
4. Animal Footprint Game
5. Animal Memory Game

2. Python For Beginner

When you learn how to program, you can improve your creativity, problem-solving abilities, and reasoning skills. Programmers always have the opportunity to create or build something from nothing. They can turn logic in to a code that helps a machine perform actions and functions that it will normally not do. They also spend time trying to understand why a specific code has not worked or what they can do better to improve how the machine works.

Programming is a challenging and fun activity, and the skills that you develop through programming will help you in school and work. You don't necessarily have to work with computers to make use of the skills that you develop, though. If nothing else, you can program to make good use of your time.

1. Algorithm
2. Variables
3. Strings, Lists, Tuples, Maps
4. Drawing with 'Turtle'
5. Asking the Right Questions
6. Using Loops
7. Working with Functions and Modules
8. Complex Programs
9. Building Games Using Arcade
10. Simple Games 1
11. Simple Games 2
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