September School Holiday Workshop


Join our ‘Build Your Own Robot Workshop’ and unleash your creativity! 


Are you ready to dive into the world of robotics and bring your very own robot to life? Choose to build any one of the 50 ROBOT MODELS of your dreams and construct it from scratch. The workshop aims to inspire a passion for robotics while fostering a multidisciplinary mindset that integrates STEAM-Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.



Take home the complete building kit (with 484 parts) and not just one, but five additional robot manuals! With these resources in your hands, you can continue your robot-building adventures at home. The workshop fee is only $480, which covers the cost of the building kit itself. Enjoy a 10% discount each if 2 register at the same time.



Age: 4 – 12 years old

Dates (Choose ONE from the following options):

  • 5 Sep (Tue), 10am – 12pm
  • 7 Sep (Thu), 10am – 12pm
  • 9 Sep (Sat), 11.30am – 1.30pm



$480 (robot building kit with 484 parts included + 5 additional robot manuals)


Reserve Your Spot:

WhatsApp (English inquiries): +65 9830 1687

WhatsApp (Japanese inquiries): +65 9666 7535


Join Our AI & Robotics: Humanoid 101 Workshop and discover the world of AI and robotics!

Your Intelligent Companion robot is here, ready to befriend, entertain, teach, and communicate in a wide variety of scenarios. Our humanoid robot is highly portable, bringing fun interactions and a wealth of expressions and functionality, including voice interaction, face recognition, and object recognition.

Fourteen servo motors power a variety of flexible movements, such as dancing, kung fu, and getting up after a fall, while the adorable LCD eyes can show emotion and expressions.

Our humanoid educational robot is fully programmable. He is programmed using a Scratch-type block interface, can detect obstacles with his infrared sensor, and recognises 75 voice commands in English. 


Age: 9 – 12 years old

Dates (Choose ONE from the following options):

  • 5 Sep (Tue), 1pm – 3pm
  • 7 Sep (Thu), 1pm – 3pm
  • 9 Sep (Sat), 4pm – 6pm


Price: $99


What You Will Learn

  1. Train AI Model: 
  • Understand: Explain the concept of AI model training and its application in guiding the robot.
  • Apply: Utilize the learned techniques to successfully guide Humanoid Robot using the colorful cards.
2. Explore Motion Principles: 
  • Understand: Explain the relationships between distances, angles, and speed in the context of Humanoid Robot’s movements.
  • Apply: Calculate and predict the robot’s movement based on given distances, angles, and speed parameters.
  • Analyze: Break down the factors influencing Humanoid Robot’s motion and justify how changes in these factors affect its movement.
3. Programming Basics: 
  • Remember: Recall the fundamental concepts of programming, such as loops and conditional statements.
  • Understand: Explain the process of programming Alpha Mini’s path using the cards and how different programming elements interact.
  • Apply: Use programming concepts to create a sequence of cards that effectively control Alpha Mini’s path.
4. Problem-Solving Skills: 
  • Apply: Apply problem-solving techniques to overcome challenges presented during Alpha Mini’s tasks.
  • Analyze: Break down complex challenges into smaller components, identifying key strategies for optimization.
  • Evaluate: Judge the effectiveness of different problem-solving approaches, selecting the most efficient strategies for specific situations.

Reserve Your Spot:

WhatsApp (English inquiries): +65 9830 1687

WhatsApp (Japanese inquiries): +65 9666 7535

Don’t miss this opportunity to ignite your AI passion. Enroll now and embark on a journey of discovery!

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