– 8 years old

Hi Teacher Nura, Thanks for the opportunity for the trial class session the other day for our 8 years old son.My son had a wonderful time at the session held by Future Masters. It was interesting to see him so focused building and working with robots andit was really enjoyable for him.Future Masters has all the potential of making kids the academics of the future. 🙂

All the best!Thanks!


Parent of Aidan

Ethan & Gabriel

– 12 years old & 9 years old

My 2 boys Ethan & Gabriel attended the trial lesson from Future Masters Academy. We understand that is a robotic class but were clueless of what they will be doing. During the lesson, the kids were asked to create a robot from scratch. Teachers were patient in guiding them but concurrently, allowing them to explore on their own. Upon the completion of the robots, we can see the delighted faces of the kids. The sense of achievement they felt were beyond words. In creating the robots, we can see that it has indirectly triggered their curiosity & push their creativity to another level. This is a lesson which is very different from other academic enrichment courses they had attended. They enjoyed the lesson & unknowingly benefited from it.


Parent of Ethan and Gabriel

Fernandaz Chua

– 14 years old.

The class is very fun and I love building robots. After building our own robot, we can remodel our robot, play and compete.