Junior Robotics Masters

Build! Code! Play!

Junior Robotics Masters has it all! Each lesson covers two courses – HUMAN ACADEMY ROBOT SCHOOL (PRIMARY) and PRIMO’s CUBETTO.



Ages : 4 to 7 years old

Duration : 1.5hrs / week

Human Academy Robot School – Primary

  • Limitless imagination! Learn to build robots from scratch using specially made blocks, enlarged for easier building.
  • Follow the exact same curriculum as the schools in Japan at the same time.
  • As the course progresses, parents will be able to notice improvements in creativity, logical thinking, concentration and many other aspects in their children.
  • Students may even be able to compete in Japan, when the chance arises!


Selected students from various areas in Japan compete against each other in various categories, annually. This annual contest has gradually been gaining so much popularity each year, surprising even Judge Committee Chairman Tomotaka Takahashi-sensei. Future Masters Academy aims to one day enter these competitions, competing against other students.


Primo – Cubetto

  • Montessori-inspired wooden robot teaches young children how to code.
  • Use a coding board as a remote control and place direction blocks to program Cubetto to move it to different areas on the interactive map.
  • Each lesson will follow a story that allows students to develop computational thinking and understand technology, while introducing sequencing using precise unambiguous actions.