Beginner Robotics Masters

Each lesson covers two courses – HUMAN ACADEMY ROBOT SCHOOL (BASIC) and UBTECH (UKIT ENTRY).

This programme is offered to new students who would like to begin blockly programming and those who have completed Junior Robotics Masters. Students will be upgraded as such:

Primary to Basic 


Ages : 8 to 12 years old

Duration : 1.5hrs / week

Human Academy Robot School – Basic :

  • Accurately create a variety of robots while following the textbook and images.
  • Learn how structure, gears and the corresponding movement work together.
  • Learn Physics – this course will help them gain a better understanding through multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions.
  • Encourage students to be creative and build their own version of a given robot, through experimenting with parts and gears.



  • Access to UBTECH Education’s free proprietary app, where students code and animate their robotics projects.
  • Simple icon-based programming systems like blockly and our “Pose Record Play” tool let students easily program motors.
  • Flexible functionality lets classrooms plan and design new models and and unique lessons plans.
  • Supplemental curriculum integrating the standards, concepts, and skills students need to be successful in school and the future.

Smart robots, Smarter kids!